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The second part of Spera: Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Jen Lee! Click the page above to read the full comic.

Hey all! I’ve been busy with a lot of things these couple of months that I can’t wait to show you. But here is one thing I do get to share now! 

I did a five page portion for Josh Tierney’s Spera: Glass Flowers, a webcomic that will be updated weekly by different awesome artists. It will become bi-weekly once Spera Vol II is released in February.

My part also features some of my own character designs for a new dude and some minor cutie characters.

If you haven’t read any Spera, what are you waiting for? It’s like reading a Ghibli story! There’s a badass dame with a sword and her friend is a giant fire dawg! AAAAAWWWGGGG

This is for What Time Is It Mr. Wolf? A graphic novel I’m working on with Josh Tierney and Sloane Leong.

The story follows a girl who must deal with her own altered realities/reality tunnels, violence, escapism, obsession and video games.” - Sloane Leong

My part in the project is for a fake webcomic set in this teenager’s world. The strip is called Bumper Triggers and are a supplement to the novel. Each strip is meant to provide commentary on the previous chapter and parody videogames that show up in ...Mr. Wolf.

Make sure to check out the main part of Mr. Wolf that Sloane has done so far over here to get the full effect.