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For a comic that’ll be in Smoke Signal



Here’s September’s update! Thank you everyone who reblogs- even if you aren’t a patron it’s helped me reached my first milestone within two days so now we get 4 pages per update. I am also past my 2nd milestone where I get to draw something with input from my patrons, who will then receive it as a wallpaper. ALRIGHT, NICE!!! I want to do more, keep it up guys!

Good news, I’m ready to continue Thunderpaw!

Check out the update here

After a lot of thinking and really considering the time I have available, I am going to start updating monthly with three pages. It’s not a lot, and less than what I wanted to start out with but this will ensure the monthly updates.

However! I’d love to bump the amount of pages up but I need help.  Please consider checking out my Patreon

A variant cover for timecowboy's upcoming first issue of TEEN DOG a comic about a teen dog! 

This is for What Time Is It Mr. Wolf? A graphic novel I’m working on with Josh Tierney and Sloane Leong.

The story follows a girl who must deal with her own altered realities/reality tunnels, violence, escapism, obsession and video games.” - Sloane Leong

My part in the project is for a fake webcomic set in this teenager’s world. The strip is called Bumper Triggers and are a supplement to the novel. Each strip is meant to provide commentary on the previous chapter and parody videogames that show up in ...Mr. Wolf.

Make sure to check out the main part of Mr. Wolf that Sloane has done so far over here to get the full effect.