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Here’s September’s update! Thank you everyone who reblogs- even if you aren’t a patron it’s helped me reached my first milestone within two days so now we get 4 pages per update. I am also past my 2nd milestone where I get to draw something with input from my patrons, who will then receive it as a wallpaper. ALRIGHT, NICE!!! I want to do more, keep it up guys!

Good news, I’m ready to continue Thunderpaw!

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After a lot of thinking and really considering the time I have available, I am going to start updating monthly with three pages. It’s not a lot, and less than what I wanted to start out with but this will ensure the monthly updates.

However! I’d love to bump the amount of pages up but I need help.  Please consider checking out my Patreon

Hey guys!

Sorry, not a comic update but just some catch up on Thunderpaw stuff. First off say hey to Happy Hour, Shots Fruity, and The Danger. They’ve been waiting to meet you just around the corner where we last left off in the story. Those who have access to the sketchblog might remember them from long ago!

Also please have these as wallpaper since all else I have to provide are a bunch of words at this time.

So what’s been up? I don’t want wolf drawings I want pages!

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Moe + Dolly

Done for my best buddy from college. Her baby dogs all Thunderpawed up! I like to imagine before they were adopted they were hooligans wild on the streets of Buffalo stealing fastfood.



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