A variant cover for timecowboy's upcoming first issue of TEEN DOG a comic about a teen dog! 


OHHHHHHHH I AM FREAKING out about this drawing of Willy by one of my favourite artists, Jen, over at http://repoghost.com/ !!!!!!

I got to draw a sloth bear eating orange marmalade! 

Also please check out Will’s Patreon and help him make wonderful comics. On Yonder Lea I’d Shelter Thee just started a bit ago and so far I’m loving the mood of it. You follow me I know you like sad animal stories.

Really large gif piece I did for two very sweet and patient guys.

This miiight take a while for you to load, apologies to those trying to view it on phones.

Hey guys!

Sorry, not a comic update but just some catch up on Thunderpaw stuff. First off say hey to Happy Hour, Shots Fruity, and The Danger. They’ve been waiting to meet you just around the corner where we last left off in the story. Those who have access to the sketchblog might remember them from long ago!

Also please have these as wallpaper since all else I have to provide are a bunch of words at this time.

So what’s been up? I don’t want wolf drawings I want pages!

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Catalist is a cool project I’ve been helping out on character designs the last few months. Check it out! Neat! Cats!