Lil peek from something I’ve been working on for a lil while now. HmmmmMMMMmMMMM

For a comic that’ll be in Smoke Signal

Anonymous asked: Did you design this? It looks so much like your style! www(.)dropdead(.)co/products/back-stabber-sleeveless-t-shirt-cream

YUP I drew that pup.

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Here’s September’s update! Thank you everyone who reblogs- even if you aren’t a patron it’s helped me reached my first milestone within two days so now we get 4 pages per update. I am also past my 2nd milestone where I get to draw something with input from my patrons, who will then receive it as a wallpaper. ALRIGHT, NICE!!! I want to do more, keep it up guys!

Good news, I’m ready to continue Thunderpaw!

Check out the update here

After a lot of thinking and really considering the time I have available, I am going to start updating monthly with three pages. It’s not a lot, and less than what I wanted to start out with but this will ensure the monthly updates.

However! I’d love to bump the amount of pages up but I need help.  Please consider checking out my Patreon